Solving Erosion problems
Time spent: 5 weeks

In the drilling for oil or gas “mud” is used. This mud is pumped down the bore hole and is used for many things. Down hole, the mud will run the turbine which rotates the drill bit and reamer, it cools and lubricates the cutting edges.
A manufacturer of drill bits and reamers was facing erosion in the reamers. For various reasons, stainless steel could not be used.

The Project
Hans van Veen found, with the erosion problem in mind, a newly developed alloy that would increase the resistance to erosion considerably. This alloy, however, was much too expensive in this market segment. Then he contacted a company specialized in the development of electrolysis recipes. They were specialized in developing microscopically thin surface layers, that be applied with a specific structure. They call it “nanostructured”.

The special properties of this surface layer is still under study, but the expectations are very positive.