High Speed Aluminium Lassen.

High Speed Aluminium Lassen

High Speed Aluminum Welding
Time spent: 5 months

An aluminum manufacturer produces extrusions and weld them together to be used as train floor panels and ship decks using GMAW.
They came into capacity problems and planned to buy a second welding street. However, a second option was demonstrated with improved welding capacity.

The Project
With possibilities at the aluminum factory in view, Hans van Veen carried out some experiments with GMAW to weld aluminum.
The first development was a way to reduce the formation of pores in the weld dramatically. With that problem solved, By changing torch position and welding parameters we could increase the welding speed significantly.

The Result
The welding speed could be increased to 250 %.
Additional advantages:

  • Cheap (standard GMAW equipment)
  • Reduction of the heat input with 25 %
  • Beter mechanisal properties in the weld
  • Betere corrosion resistance in the heat affected zone
  • More stable process
  • Easy to mechanize of automatize

After reliability approval, this technology was demonstrated for the factory management, They decided to accept the high speed welding. Instead of buying extra welding equipment, they changed the logistic in the welding shop, to cope with the extra amount of welded panels.