Machine kwalificatie


Machine Qualification after relocation
Time spent: 8 months

A reshuffle of a large manufacturing company into business units and later independent companies took place. For logistic reasons the Sheet Metal Department, including the welding department needed to relocate. The Sheet Metal Group became an Aerospace Company, a producer of aircraft engine parts.
About 65 % turnover was due to sheet metal processing, including welding. The back bone of the sheet metal department was welding.
The relocation of the sheet metal department was already planned. The company had underestimated heavily the amount of work to relocate the welding department (5 spot welders, 5 GTAW welding booth’s, 1 stud welder, microscopy shop).
The need for a new power line and shielding gas equipment caused extra complications. A new power line is stipulated as a major change and all equipment needed to be calibrated as for new equipment and all welding schedules had to be proven. The relocation had to be carried out under military inspection.

The Project
A team, led by Hans van Veen was formed (arc welder, spot welder, quality engineer, metering engineer and welding engineer) to make movement smoothly. Actions after brainstorming:

  • Setting up a FMEA and make the whole project fail safe
  • Earlier start of the relocation of the one of the main spot welders
  • Setting up a Design of Experiments scheme for the welding schedules
  • Setting up an integral spreadsheet form for all the welding schedule data (DoE, test results, choices made and the final Welding Schedule)
  • Machine overhaul. Clean and check the main spot welders and make them identical again. When identical, the second machine can be certified on a 10 % spot check
  • DoE for welding schedule recheck. This was done with a 3 x 3 x 3 DoE-scheme and off-line microscopic analysis in stead of trial and error

1st spot welder ==> 5 months, 2nd spot welder ==> 1 month.
Time to set up a welding schedule: 3 days ==> 4 hours (due to the DoE approach and an integral spreadsheet form).
The relocation was finished according to the original planning.